Zrammie! (zrammie) wrote in dear_celeb,

Dear Jennifer Aniston,

I don’t like you. Not to hurt your feelings, but it’s true. Why, o god why, do you insist on doing movies? Do you think you would have gotten such rave review for The Good Girl if you weren’t married to Mr. Sexiest Man Alive? Do you think media whores fawn over you because you're the next Meryl Streep? Hmm? No, I didn’t think so either.

You are very pretty. You are a hair style trendsetter. Your dad is on DOOL. You get thinner and tanner every season. You are Rachel Green, from a vapid tv show that for some unknown reason has become a classic mega hit. You are good at reading funny lines. You are not, however, what I consider to be a talented actress. Do you know what the worst part of The Good Girl was, Jenny? Yes, that’s right. It was you.

Please be happy with what you have. Matt LeBlanc is, and he gets his very own tv show next season!

a concerned voice of reason (who's new here...)
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