Le Samurai (absolutcalm) wrote in dear_celeb,
Le Samurai

Dear Britney....

Thank you for naming your next album "Ho."

It was becoming increasingly easy to distingiush between yourself and the other over-hyped teen Pop slut, Christina "Dirrrty cooch" Aguilara.

Thankfully, with both of you on a single stage, making out with an aging Pop slut (Madonna) and both of you being romantically linked to a single Pop In-The-Closet Sex Symbol (Justin Timberlake), you've been taking strides to make it easier on fans who want to listen to the same woman, on two different albums.

With this final step, "Ho," the transition seems complete--- and thousands of young girls can rejoice that their favorite two singers (both once known for their shy, girlish sexuality) have once again converged, this time as a couple of nasty whores with the clap which, much like most of the album, was probably produced by one or more of the Neptunes.

Good luck with your career,

A Fan.
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