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dear_celeb's Journal

Dear Celebrity...
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To whom it may concern....

At this very moment, there are celebrities unable to make the most simple decisions; these are your Britney Spear's, deciding to do Pepsi (remember Michael, Brit-brit? Or the spice girls?); these are your Kevin Spacey's, trying to do real drama, knowing damn well he isn't good at it; this is Eminem whining when what we want isn't Marshall Mathers (it's Slim God-damn Shady so get over yourself MARSHALL).

The only people who can talk sense into these pea-brains are people like us: the fans, the haters and the bystanders.

P.S. we don't want any teenaged pop-swilling ankle humpers spoiling the show with letters to the newest incarnation of Davey Jones (Justin Timberlake this week, Ricky Martin last week), so save the Fan Mail: this isn't the place for it.


Sincerely, absolutcalm and catwoman980.